Created by the Ocean Deciphered by Science
Using RED technology to execute across the desalination industry.
We have a serious global water crisis.
2 Billion
people worldwide are living in countries experiencing high water stress.
800 Million
people still lack basic drinking water services.
children lose their lives due to unsafe water everyday.
of Earth's water is accessible freshwater only.
Today’s desalination system is not sustainable for the future.
Massive saltwater disposal is causing environmental harm.
Environmental Degradation
R.O system generates brine as a byproduct, and the disposal of concentrated brine destroys our beautiful seas, such as coral, baby shrimps and fishes.
High Energy Consumption
R.O system has high energy requirements and produces tons of CO2, contributing to increased operational costs and environmental impact.
Reverse Electro Dialysis
RED is a type of Salinity Gradient Power (SGP) that does not produce any harmful matters to our environment and it achieves 100% clean energy.
Advanced Technology
RED is the leading salinity gradient technology, harvesting energy from seawater-freshwater salt differences.
High Energy Potential
SGP can generate a similar potential energy between seawater and freshwater to a 240-meter-high dam.
Global Estuary Potential
Estuaries around the world hold an estimated 30 TW of SGP, offering significant clean, emission-free renewable energy potential.
Growing Scale
As water use for energy production increases globally, SGP emerges as a substantial, environmentally friendly energy source.
Energy is derived from salt concentration differences in fluids, like fresh and salt water.
Integrating RED Tech
Minimal Energy Consumption
Over 30% reduction compared to standard R.O. processes. Among the lowest power consumption at 2.24 kWh/m3 for desalination.
No Brine Produced
The desalination process removes brine water, ensuring the discharged water retains the natural salinity of seawater without mixing.
Reduced CO2 Emissions
Potentially save 900,000 tons of carbon over 30 years, slashing emissions by over 0.5 kg CO2e/m3 compared to traditional methods.
About us
Introducing MediSun
our mission
To harness science to unlock nature’s secrets to make the earth better for our children.
We will make better products inspired by nature, that will harness the Ocean’s great power. Our products are net-carbon neutral and will contribute to healing the planet.
We believe that we can live in a world where all energy is clean, green and affordable.
We aim to build that future by bringing innovation and science to to the forefront - combining commercial practicality with sustainable practices.
Our Team
Dusun Kim
Co-Founder & CEO
Dusun serves as the Chief Business Development Officer at RETD. In this role, he oversaw key social infrastructure projects in the A.S.E.A.N region, including a groundbreaking Hybrid Desalination and Power Plant initiative.

His emphasis on Reverse Electrodialysis technology aligns with a goal of achieving 0% Carbon Emission.
Joseph Chua
Co-Founder & COO
Joseph is a seasoned leader in digital agencies with over 15 years of experience in brand and digital marketing, holding key positions at WPP, Havas, and Leo Burnett.

As an Executive Advisor with a strong foundation in private equity, he specializes in the creative technology sector, excelling in deal structuring, fundraising, and growth strategy execution.
Let’s Work and Save Earth Together!
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